College vs the Real World

So I recently started college for my second degree, the first thing that came to my attention was the idea that college is a place to make mistakes because once you enter the real world, mistakes have real consequences.

This is only vaguely true. Borderline an outright lie. Sure the first time around I didn’t pay attention to the cost of college, but that didn’t make it any less expensive. Very few mistakes I can make day to day will cost me as much money, time, health and sanity as a mistake at school. If I forget to answer 1 question on an exam I am potentially costing myself thousands of dollars, and possibly at risk of failing a program with little to no recourse.

Now don’t get me wrong that’s not to say college is not the place for you to learn, and I certainly prefer a nurse makes an error on a dummy as a student as opposed to making the mistake on a critical care patient. But years ago before the deregulation of public college tuition; college was the place to make a mistake, but now a days a mistake at college can be extremity expensive and even unrecoverable.

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