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The following is a WordCamp proposal for 2015.  This is my second proposal, I was fortunate to have my first proposal selected for WordCamp DFW 2014 and even though it didn’t go as expected I learned a lot from it and had an amazing time. I even had a few people tell me I was helpful, so it definitely wasn’t a failure.

Unlike the last talk this will not be interactive, as opposed to a walkthrough; this talk would be more like telling a story.  It’s a personal story I have told many times but it seems to always get a great response as my story is not unlike that of so many others in our community.

In 2007 I started a brand management agency. The 3 owners were a designer, a web developer and myself as the business director. At our peak we were doing everything wrong. Years later after the company folded and I was managing a solid number of clients I was still doing it wrong.

In 2014 I attended my first two WordCamps, sponsored a few and spoke at one. I began attending my local meetup and tweeting about WordPress as much as possible. I learned more in 12 months of being involved in the WordPress community than I had for 7 years prior.

This talk will center around that story while educating the audience about how to make the most of the WordPress community, the vast number of resources out there and how to give back.


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