How WordPress elevates you | WordCamp Talk Proposal

This is my third proposal I have written for a WordCamp talk, now unlike previous talks, this one I have actually had a chance to run through this for a school project, see what worked and how to apply it to the audience it was truly intended for… WordCampers! (is that a word?)

So with that said, I learned about this story last year, only a day or two prior to WordCamp DFW. I actually opened that talk with this story, as it was so inspirational, how could I not share it?

Marcus was homeless for some time, in mid 2014 a waitress at the restaurant Brewed taught him how to build WordPress sites without teaching him any code.  A year later, Marcus makes sites for small businesses in his community and is no longer homeless.

WordPress elevates individuals & communities.

  • It is causing cracks (all be it small ones) but cracks non-the-less in the idea of a male dominated world of technology.
  • As Paul Clark so rightly pointed out at the WordCamp San Francisco last year, WordPress Saves Lives
  • It provides a voice to the disenfranchised.
  • It has dramatically impacted the lives of countless individuals.

This talk will focus on the ways that WordPress can impact our lives and those of the greater community. I will expand on each point, and explain a few of the many ways we can each contribute. This talk is for anyone interested in making an impact.

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