Understanding Gravity Forms | WordCamp Talk Proposal

I will be doing a run through of this talk at my local meetup, August 17th 2015. I have been using Gravity Forms since 2011, if I look at my email account the first time I referenced “Gravity Forms” is 1/6/2011 which means someone on my team was using it for at least a few months prior to that… but I don’t think that counts.

Gravity forms (and other similar form building plugins) provide so much more than an opportunity to create a custom contact form. A form can be a simple way for your target audience to get in touch with you or it can be part of an automated process to move user submitted data from one place to another and infinitely more uses.

This talk will walk through:

  • the process of building a simple contact form
  • a form with conditional fields
  • a multi-page complicated form.
  • We will go over the form settings
  • confirmations
  • notifications

If time allows I will also walk through the use of Gravity View to easily approve & display user submitted data, and I will close the talk with a few interesting “out of the box” examples of using Gravity Forms.

This talk is aimed at non-coders and is a beginner to intermediate level talk. It will require understanding how to navigate the dashboard and have some knowledge of core WordPress features such as shortcodes, widgets and the post editor.

I will present my slides inside of a WordPress site which will be both on the internet live for all to access as I present, available on my local computer in case of internet issues, in a PDF and on slideshare. Barring no internet issues, or problems connecting to my local computer, I will dive into the dashboard to demonstrate each section as I talk.

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  1. Paula Hill on July 22, 2015 at 10:16 am

    Love it! Thanks

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