Your First WordPress Site (Redux) | WordCamp Talk Proposal

After reviewing my talk from last year I have adjusted my presentation to better serve its audience.  I have outlined my proposal below: (view the whole retrospective.)

Your First WordPress Site | There and back again

It is easy for seasoned WordPress users to say “WordPress is easy.” But often times we forget that WordPress is huge and at first glance easily intimidating. I remember my first experience with WordPress and having to google “WordPress login url” (I suppose I didn’t notice the login on the sidebar of Twenty Ten.) This talk will answer a few key questions:

  • What is the difference between and
  • What is the difference between managed hosting and shared hosting?
  • What is the difference between posts and pages?

After these questions are answered I will break the Dashboard into 5 sections which I will cover broadly to allow for time:

  • Settings
  • Content Creation
  • Categories and Tags
  • Themes
  • Plugins

As stated in my proposal for WordCamp DFW 2014: My goal is that a developer new to WordPress will walk away with some useful tips and tricks to save time on their next project.

Or a business owner that already has a WordPress site feels empowered to expand their sites role in their business; or their role with the website.

Or a historian with little technical skills, whose entire livelihood revolves around their writing, may have the courage to make the jump from traditional publication to including an online archive of their works.

This presentation is for non-coders, though as stated developers new to WordPress may find it helpful as well. I will present my slides inside of a WordPress site which will be both on the internet live for all to access as I present, available on my local computer in case of internet issues, in a PDF and on slideshare. Barring no internet issues, or problems connecting to my local computer, I will dive into the dashboard to demonstrate each section as I talk, as last year video and slide demonstrations were not always the most appropriate educational tools.

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